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Signals is currently being translated into Japanese for release in Japan in 2006.

Signals has already been released worldwide in several foreign languages. Editions are available in Danish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Korean, Thai, and Hebrew.

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"On April 5, 1994, when Kurt Cobain of Nirvana literally blew himself away in a drug-induced act of self-destruction. He was the third Cobain male to die by self-inflicted gunshot wounds in my family during my lifetime. Kurt the celebrity, was a son, a father, a husband, a brother, a relative, and a friend. The loss of any loved one is always painful. Death by suicide, especially leaves those left behind reeling with feelings of guilt, anger, and pain. After Kurt's death, I read Joel's book . It affirmed that my loved ones are at peace and it gave me strenght. Allow Joel's story to help you transform your own hurt and loss into growth. I make his books a must read for everyone I know."

Beverly Cobain, Costa Rica, April 2004

"Signals is truly an amazing story. It is able to touch every human soul, because somehow everybody shares the same agonies and delights of life and love. Above all, this book talks about a new language that is beyond cultural backgrounds, ideologies, pride and prejudices. I call this the language of the premonitions, signs that unify people and feelings. I believe in this language of premonitions. It is the language of love. I congratulate Joel and thank him for writing such a wonderful book."

Paulo Coelho, international best selling author of 9 titles including The Alchemist
Rio de Janeiro 7, October 1999

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